2021-09-28 Autumn Walk

#random 2021-09-28

a yellow maple leaf, photo taken from underneath and through the leaf towards light. bright autumn colors another autumn picture, against the light. silhouette of a walking person on the sidewalk on the right, bright orange maple leaves on green grass on the left a really pretty orange flower with so many long, thin petals. wonder what it is? birch, with both green and yellow-orange leaves tall, dried-up, orange grass in front of an empty field, with trees long behind in the background a more abstract photo. extremely repetitive texture on a massive wall - it's basically bent sheet metal - and a couple of details. a lamppost on the left, some sort of a pipe on the right, and possibly air vents with a darker background on the left. a purple flower against a green background a red-orange color wash, from a sea of autumn-colored leaves on some bush or shrub