White2Tea Order

#tea 2021-01-10

My first tea order from White2Tea. Some practice for product photography.

White2Tea 2018 Waffles tea cake. White2Tea 2017 Big Green Hype tea cake. White2Tea 2020 Snoozefest tea cake. White2Tea samples bags: 2013 gongmei, 2019 splendid, iron arhat All teas from the order in one picture White2Tea Waffles mini cake, gaiwan and a teacup White2Tea Waffles mini cake brewed in a gaiwan, poured into a cup

I just put the whole mini-Waffle in a gaiwan, poured boiling water on it, poked it a bit with a spoon to break it up, and threw the quick rinse water out. After that, boiling water steeps, starting at roughly 30s and increasing the time for the next cups, up to about 90s. Feels like a solid daily drinker puerh: no complaints at all, nothing exceptionally great either. I think I got 5 or 6 steeps out of it.

Let's see how the other teas turn out!